Every so often a log jam appears to happen in my life: meatspace or virtual. I can’t point to any one issue but not a lot gets done when this happens.

On Wikisource, this means I have not achieved a lot in a month or so. Perhaps worse, each task to which I have committed myself to is now getting in the way of every other task, further diluting whatever effort I make. I’ve tried to cut down on tasks but more keep coming up and I really want to do a lot of them.

Wikisource, and the other sister projects in the family (‘pedia, ‘voyage et al), appear to be quite bad for this. It’s hard to keep focussed sometimes.

2013 was going to be my Year of Amazing Stories, but that is almost certainly bumped to 2014 now. I need to finish Weird Tales first. I have most of one issue left (of those available) and bits and pieces across the others, because I used to do a page or two when I only had a little spare time, so I skipped some of the more complicated stuff.  Especially the adverts.

Two months left to do all that, if I want to push Amazing Stories from the start of next year. And I want to complete all the acts from Elizabeth I’s first regnal year. And I have a Confederate roster to reformat and reassemble. And I have several national anthems to code out in Score. And some policies to write. And Lua to learn. And…