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I was googling not so long ago and found there was a lack of coverage of Wikisource in the blogosphere.

Sometime later the obvious solution occurred. So here is a brand new blog devoted to Wikisource. Primarily the English Wikisource but other flavours may be covered.

If you don’t know what Wikisource is, it is one of Wikipedia’s little sisters. A digital library of public domain and freely licensed works that anyone can help to build, mostly by transcribing scanned copies of paper-and-ink books to create electronic versions available online.

I have some ideas for future posts and I’m sure (or at least, hope) I’ll come it with more over time. As it stands, I intend to highlight the best parts of Wikisource, try to promote the project, try to make some issues better known and generally cover as many facets of the project as I can. I may also branch out into occasional sister and cousin projects that affect Wikisource.

I’ll start posting soon.